Jabarra Cycling Expedition

                                                                                                                                         Du Paiydal, Suposhan bar

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 Date: 24th Nov 2019                                                                                                                     

Time: Start time 6:00AM, End time 2:00PM

Theme: Suposhan Abhiyan

Target Groups: Cyclists, School students, Religious organization, Clubs, Fitlife, Tour De Raipur and other Cycling clubs, Religious organization, Industries – Rice mills, Associations



Gangrel – Kukrel – Keregaon – Dugli – Jabarra

Category 1 – Gangrel Dam to Kukrel (10KM)

Category 2 – Gangrel dam to Kukrel to Keregaon – 30KM (10KM+ 21KM)

Category 3 – Gangrel dam to Kukrel to Keregaon to Dugli to Jabarra – 55KM (10KM+ 21KM + 12KM + 12KM)


For More Details, Please Contact:  (1) 7828506874     (2) 6267145745


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