About District

Dhamtari is abbreviated from “Dhamm” + “Tarai”. Dhamtari is situated in fertile plains of Chhattisgarh region. Dhamtari district is officially formed on 6th July 1998 dividing the Raipur district currently the Capital of Chhattisgarh along with Mahasamund district. Its head-quarter is Dhamtari(M) . It is said that the present name of Dhamtari (Sacred Kund) originated from Dharamtarai phraseology.

  1. Physical Features : It is surrounded by Raipur district on North, Balod (newly formed district) on the West, Whereas, Uttar Bastar Kanker on the South-West. Some part of Odisha State on the South. Total area of Dhamtari district is 4084 Southern part of Dhamtari district comes under mountain region. These mountains of Sihawa group spread over Nagri tehsil and west of Sondhur ghati.
  2. Drainage : One of the major rivers of North India is Mahanadi, which originates from the Sihawa hill ,located on the east of Nagri tehsil. Mahanadi is the principal river of the Dhamtari district and it is so far named as Kankannadi, Chitrotpala, Neelotpala , Mandvahini etc. The chief crop of this district is paddy. Ravishankar Sagar dam that irrigates almost 57000 hectare of land, also acts as a main supply unit of safe drinking water source for state capital Raipur. Asia’s first Siphon dam was build in year 1914 at madamsilli dam.
  3. Climate: The summer season of the district is hot and dry and the monsoon season brings enough rain. The average rainfall of the district is 1221 mm. The southwest monsoon starts from mid June and lasts till the end of September. The minimum temperature goes down to 5.5 degree C during winter season.
  4. Forest: Out of total area of 4084 of the district, 213123 hectare is forest land. There are three main forest ranges. Viz. Dhamtari range, Birguri range and Nagri range. apart from Sal and Teak trees, there are other similar varieties of trees are Saj.Koha, Harra,Bija and Kumbi.
  5. Transport and Communications : The district is situated on National Highway-30 and it is well connected by road with state capital Raipur in the North and Jagdalpur (in Bastar district) towards South. The total lenght of National Highway in the district is 60 Kms.