Tourist Places


Places of tourist interest in the Dhamtari district are:-


shringi rishi

Shringi Rishi

Category Historic

On the hills of ‘Sihawa’, popularly known as ‘the MahendraGiri’ Situated is the Ashram of famous Shringi Rishi of the…


Jabrra – Eco Tourism

Category Adventure, Natural / Scenic beauty

  Jabarra Village is famous for its unique natural forte for medicinal plants. an emerging tourist destination for hiking, trekking,…


Murrum Silli Dam

The Madam Silli Dam, also spelled Murrum Silli, is an embankment dam on the Sillari River, a tributary of the…


Gangrel Dam

Category Adventure, Natural / Scenic beauty

Gangrel Dam: Another name of the Gangrel Dam is Ravishankar Dam. In the Dhamtari District, this location is quite a…